Death Road: The Cave is an action/thrilling game made with Construct 2 by 3 college students.

You are alone in the far un-human-populated lands, where zombies & monsters are guarding the priceless treasure, you are determinate to go through all it takes to get to the treasure that you and a lot of people before you had dreamed about, you go through rough roads filled with zombies, holes and ramps with you armoured truck, killing zombies to make it to the cave where you get on your feet to fight more zombies and move on to the end of the cave where you meet their extraordinary master, which you have to kill make your way to the treasure.

Throughout the game you're guided with various controls for multiple levels, during the first level, you are advised to use the right and left arrows to rotate the car in the correct manner such that you are physically pointing at your target to shoot them before they collide with you and to perform a safe landing.

IMPORTANT: For the game to function properly, DO NOT use Microsoft Edge, use alternatives like Chrome & Firefox

18/02/2017: Minor improvements

Published Oct 22, 2016
AuthorTeam Edge
Made withConstruct


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just the only problem in last games was over response
if I release my hand on keys player keep running
good luck

Can you please be more precise on how could we reproduce the problem? because it's working fine over here!

Thank you